48 Hours in Bangkok

A couple hours after I landed in Bangkok, my fear of being alone, isolated, flying halfway round the world and regretting it, completely vanished. My first stop on arrival in this new city was an essential: food. I went wondering down the famous Koh San Road which was five minutes round the corner from where I was staying, soaking up all the sun, vibrancy and colour on my way. I found a little stand selling Pad Thai (of course). I sat by myself, but within 10 minutes a nice dutch couple sat next to me and I found out in that moment, all you have to say is ‘hi’ to start a conversation, to get to know someone, to start a friendship. And just like that we were chatting away. They gave me some tips on where to go in Bangkok, how they met, about their travels so far. It was that easy. It was then that I knew that I would be fine and I was at the beginning of what was going to be an incredible adventure.  

China Town

I was completely overwhelmed by the vibrancy of the culture in Bangkok. I know it’s not the most popular destination in Thailand by any means but I fell in love with the decadent temples on every corner, the prestigious Grand Palace, the colourful narrow boats speeding up and down the river, street food vendors on every corner; (including Nutella roti pancakes that I just couldn’t get enough of) the mixture of aromas (not always the most pleasant) and even the shopping centers were impressive. I had never experienced such a vibrant city. I was in complete awe.  

Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha)

More than the culture, it was the people that really made my whole trip. I had never experienced openness the way I did when I was travelling. Everyone is in the same boat, taking on their own journey and is so willing to open up, share their stories, listen to yours and develop long lasting friendships. I honestly believe that some of the people I met on this trip will help direct me on the right path to whatever it is I end up doing next. It isn’t by chance that I met a woman who attended an event that I hosted a few weeks prior and has a bunch of mutual friends with me. It is not by chance that I met a guy who is just as sassy as me and it felt as if we had known each other for years. It’s not by chance that I met a girl who I clicked with straight away, the sort of person that makes you wish that you were friends sooner. These are just a handful of the people who I met and built great friendships with and I honestly believe there’s a reason we have come into each others lives. 

And this was just the start of the adventure…

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