72-ish Hours in Koh Phangan

After reluctantly saying goodbye to some great new friends in Koh Samui, I headed off to Koh Phangan (on a rickety ferry with 3 hours sleep and a hideous hangover might I add). The weather wasn’t really looking up and upon arrival at my hostel I wasn’t feeling the vibe. I was actually quite taken aback by some of the encounters I had. How can someone say to me ‘you’re so tanned, I thought you were one of the staff that worked here.’ No hunny, that’s my skin tone; like have you never seen a black person before (rolls eyes)? I had to take myself away from this situation as soon as the 19 year old couple in front of me started sucking face while I was trying to eat my dinner (like do you actually mind). I went across the room to sit with 2 other girls who looked approachable. And it’s a good thing I did as they were, again a great couple of girls. We talked and played cards and they told me all about their journey so far. They too were heading to Australia to live and had packed up their lives in the UK and headed off for good. It’s so funny how you can be in a completely different place in your lives yet still connect with someone new on so many levels. I clicked with these girls straight away and they were kind enough to invite me out with them the next day.  

The next day we went to Slip n Fly, which is the most extreme water flume I have ever seen in my life. Like I’ve said before. I am not a fan of water. I can’t swim, but somehow I ended up here. But I ended up here with an open mind. It wasn’t the slide that scared me, it was hitting the water and not knowing what to do when I hit it. I decided to ease myself in. There was a smaller slide, which was pretty damn fast and knocked myself for 6 on my first try. After my second try on the small slide I didn’t think I could do the big one. I was just too worried about not knowing what to do when my feet don’t hit the ground. After a couple of hours of watching everyone else do it I thought, you know what, why not. I need to at least try. I’m the one in control and everything should be fine.  

And by some sheer confidence boost/adrenaline rush in me, I did it. I conquered it, and it was pretty terrifying but I did it! And although I wouldn’t do it again, I felt great for it!

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