Last Day in Thailand

I arrived back in Koh Phangan, my final stop and was greeted by a friend that I made all the way back on my first day in Bangkok. One of those people that I just clicked with straight away, and what an adventure we had that day. In the spirit of trying new things we climbed and went swimming in a waterfall, (well I paddled, didn’t swim and nearly drowned when I lost my footing, but I didn’t panic so it was ok!) found the most perfect beach and made a couple of new American friends, witnessed the most amazing red sunset as we drove a scooter up to the most popular and spectacular rooftop bar in Koh Phangan: Amsterdam bar.  I got one of my last tastes of Thai Street food at the Saturday night market, sampling curry puffs, barbecued meat and spring rolls but to name a few. I soaked up the last of the culture, the last of the tastes and smell of Thai cuisine before heading out to the infamous full moon party for my final night in paradise. An incredible end to an incredible trip.

I learnt a lot about myself and the person that I want to become. This was the start of a new chapter in my journey and hands down the best decision I could have made in a situation that was out of my control.

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